Importance of cleanliness

Wednesday 1 August 2018

The importance of keeping coolers clean should never be underestimated, which is outlined in a new ACR article by Ed Whinyates and Glenn Ward from Distribution Hygiene.

World Refrigeration Day Official

Monday 23 July 2018

   Great news for the industry worldwide - World Refrigeration Day is now official! 

Working together with suppliers and clients.

Friday 13 July 2018

                                               Great to be involved with this project.

GEA installation                           

World Refrigeration Day

Friday 6 July 2018

                                 Everyone within the industry is hoping this can become reality....



Air Cooled and Evaporative Condensers

Tuesday 5 June 2018

The ACR article is now available to view online.  This can be reached by clicking on the below link: