Working with a new client, Stonegrove were asked to supply and install the refrigeration equipment for a dual ompartment in Greater London.

With glass door systems to allow customers to access the product in both the chill store and the freezer store, we had to ensure the equipment design could cope with the increased heat load of regular and multiple door usage.

For the freezer we installed 2no Danfoss Optyma plus (Housed) OP-LPQM271 condensers and 2no Searle KME 95-8L coolers.  For the chiller we installed 2no Danfoss Optyma plus (Housed) OP-MPXM046 condensers and 2no Searle KEC 40-6L coolers

There are two independently controlled systems operating continuously on each panel (one for each room), with each room featuring person trapped alarms and door open alarms.

The project went really well, with comissionning and completion ahead of schedule.