Our philosophy at Stonegrove is to ensure that the high standard of industrial refrigeration installations we carry out surpass the expectations of our customers. We understand the importance of efficient operating costs, as well as managing capital expenditure. With our team of specialists we can design, install, commission, service and maintain industrial refrigeration plant using all refrigerants, to the highest quality.

Our Experience

...and know-how gives us the flexibility to respond precisely to our customers requirements, tailoring a bespoke solution each time. We ensure operational efficiency, energy reduction and compliance are met, whilst achieving financial savings.

Our Engineers

Stonegrove employs a number of excellent engineers who specialise in the commissioning, service and maintenance of all industrial refrigeration systems. We are able to tailor a preventative maintenance programme to suit each individual site.

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Refrigeration and Cooling Installation Services

Single and two-stage pumped ammonia systems

Blast chillers

CO2 systems

Ice machines and ice banks

Adiabatic cooling systems

Cooling tunnels


Glycol chiller systems (all refrigerants)

Blast freezers

Plate and spiral freezers

Heat recovery systems

Standard DX systems



Manufacturing plant refrigeration and cooling

Storage refrigeration and cooling

Distribution and pharmaceutical refrigeration and cooling

Petrochemical refrigeration and cooling