Stonegrove were tasked with the upgrade of compressor controllers for one of our clients, without any disruption to the day to day operation and maintaining cold store conditions.

Two monotron compressor controllers were replaced with one Omni HMI touch panel including two IO control panels (one for each of the Grasso RC series 2 reciprocating compressors). 

Each monotron controller was decommissioned, with the HMI and IO panels installed on the first compressor. The Omni was run-up to allow operation of the first compressor, enabling the isolation of second compressor and the commencement of phase two of the project.

During commissioning various modification challenges and issues were overcome.  On completion the LT compressor system had fully operational remote access for monitoring, fault diagnosis and fault annunciations, through the Omni on board email.  The sequence control operation has been set up to manage the service and run hours. 

The installation is fully integrated to the existing site control panels, plant PLC control and Nh3 Alarms, with no change needed for these operations.